The Story of Mulmul

The Story of Mulmul

Mulmul or muslin is a cotton fabric of plain weave, handwoven from uncommonly fine yarn. Dotting an eminence in the history of fashion/textiles, globally exported from the then Hindustan with self-consumption reserved exclusively for royalty, the journey of the fabric echoes the pride of the Bengali weavers in their novice tribute. An ode to the authenticity of its glorious past we bring to you in modern-day the story of our 'Mulmul'. 

The purity of the carefully handpicked cotton brings alive every yarn spun to cloth and the yarn joyfully contradicts its nature of delicacy to prove its durability. Collectively they sculpt the pedestal that illustrates the sheen, lustre and beauty of the designs.

Our designers churn with timeless elegance on their minds and sartorial happiness in their hearts birthing exclusivity to contribute to the expression of the fabric as much a margin as nostalgia allows for contemporary. Every lace and every embroidery is initially hand-drawn and carefully interlaced. Resonating with perpetuity in a constantly changing world, Mulmul embodies the success of the seamless marriage between the wonder gossamer and intricate workmanship, in the most sustainable of forms relinquishing non-functionality. Comfort is a key you don't have to forgo in being glamorous and versatility a door we have intentionally turned in the process. 

Wearing them regardless of time or occasion, the women that take us along replenish the justice we aim to bring to our designs, becoming family twice with their love. Being family-run, We are nothing without our family and we are nothing without the hands that make us Mulmul, our team. The craft enables us to empower local markets and we stand in solidarity with our economy. The team strives with a dedication to delivering happiness and rejoices every time we become a part of your diurnal rhythm. 

We thank you sincerely and hope to bring across a smile every time you remember the journey of the 'Mulmul' you have come to call your own!