Threads of Happiness

Made in India

Mulmul is an idea, emotion, a passion-one which holds the power to make you happy.

We celebrate India in ways more than one. Our brand is an expression for our indian roots, starting with our name and stopping nowhere!

We are born & raised in India but loved by the world.


Mulmul is a family-owned, homegrown Indian label, born out of a passion to do things with love and do things that make one happy because let's accept it-
happiness is contagious!

Over a span of 4 years, Mulmul has tried to make ethnic wear mainstream and made it to the hearts of so many of you. We design timeless styles for you but never forget to add our own touch to them.

Our story is simple- we wanted to spread happiness, one outfit at a time. We wanted to give Indian ethnic wear the center stage in everyone's daily life and not just restrict it to occasions. We started designing our garments with one main focus-quality. For us, building Mulmul means a lot of things. It sure starts with that of the fabric but goes way beyond.

At Mulmul, we pride ourselves in delivering you high quality, long-lasting and easy-to-style garments with a great amount of consideration for the environment. We ensure the what we bring to you is not only good for you but is also sustainably made. Our fabrics are all made using natural fibres and are soft on your skin & the earth.

In a world where everyone is busy getting ahead of themselves, we're trying our best to slow down-for the sake of you, us and generations to come!

Right form weaving to the final product, we do it all in-house with nothing but love & care embroidered all over. Our aim is to create long-lasting heirloom styles in limited numbers using high-quality materials.