Chapter Two

Date July 5th City Dhaka Venue --------------- Time ---------------

Exhibition Page 3

Date August 2-3rd August 3-5th August 14th August 24/25th August 28th August 30th City Mumbai Delhi Kolkata Delhi New Delhi New Delhi Shows The Dhoom Dham Trunk Show Select Citywalk The Dhoom...

Exhibition Page 4

Date September 4th September 6th City New Delhi Singapore Shows The Yellow Blossom Vanity Box Venue The Asoka ------------- Time 11-8 11-8

Exhibition Page 5

Date October 5th October 11-13th October 19th City New Delhi Chandigarh Hyderabad Shows Akshay Pratishthan Vanity Fair The Dhoom Dham Trunk Show Venue The Grand ------------- ------------- ...

Chapter One

Date June 29th City Hyderabad Venue --------------- Time 11-8