Ultimate guide to dressing a rectangle body shape!

Ultimate guide to dressing a rectangle body shape!

Wouldn’t it be just the best feeling to look great in anything you wear? When you look great you feel great! What if we told you all it takes is to know your body shape and then you are sorted for life with a wardrobe of clothes you never fail to feel great in. Because once you know your body shape, shopping for yourself becomes the easiest thing to do!

 Are you a rectangle body type?

  • Your bust, hips and shoulders are around the same size.
  • Your waistline is better described as straighter rather than curvy.
  • The figure is fairly straightforward and commonly identified as athletic.

 If this doesn’t sound like the characteristics that describe you best, don’t worry just check our post on how to deconstruct your body shape. We also have guides for the other shapes you are likely to be: Apple, Hourglass, Inverted Triangle and Pear.

 Styles that will make you stun

We recommend going for outfits that strongly accentuate your athletic figure and help balance out your structure by adding some depth to it. Trick is to concentrate on what you want, if you want some additional curves then style them in!


  1. Puffed Sleeves


Puffed sleeves are perfect for their voluminous style and add a statement to any outfit. Being a rectangle shape, you are in luck because they are just what you need to bring out the dimensions in any figure.

Kurtas in pastel colours with intricate embroidery are a hard to miss combination, find one with some puffed sleeves and it’s sure to elevate your look!


  1. Mid Hip Length Kurtas


Looking good is all about great styling and if curves are not your thing it’s really not a problem, all you need to do is to create some depth and curves through your outfit.

The idea behind kurtas of the mid-hip length is to draw the eyes to that part of the body creating the mirage of curves. A well fitted kurta that shows off your athletic figure with some extra pizzazz in the hips is your way to centre stage!


  1. Flared Bottoms


Flared bottoms are dramatic and romantic, bold and delicate all at once! They help in bringing balance throughout the body and add volume to the structure. You can never go wrong with flared bottoms in soft colours or in the much loved pristine hue, they are a real pleasure for summers (visually too)!

We believe that the women who choose us are the ones that truly add to the beauty of our designs regardless of the styles, the guidelines are only to help you find comfort in clothing, so don’t be afraid to mix and match and have a little fun.

Reach out to our experts to help you find the outfits that suit your needs.